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In my studies, I have always pursuit a vivid interest in plant physiology. This interest has its roots in the appreciation of photosynthesis and its central role for life on our planet.

In particular, I am fascinated by proteins, protein complexes and the wide range of reactions they are capable of catalysing. Thus, sparked by this fascination, I kept a focus on plant physiology, cell molecular biology and biochemistry in my later studies.

Furthermore, the large variety of analytical techniques that can be applied to unravel the mysteries of photosynthesis in particular is especially appealing to me.

During my academic training, I aimed to learn and apply a broad spectrum of bioanalytical techniques, including bioinformatics, molecular biology, protein biochemistry and protein structure determining techniques.

In the future, I would like to extend and apply my knowledge, while all projects involving protein biochemistry will always be of particular interest to me.

Last update: 22.02.2015

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